Group Runs

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Saturday Morning Group Runs

In Montgomery:

Informal group runs are held most Saturday mornings at the Blount Cultural Park, aka Shakespeare.  If there is a race being held in town the turnout may not be as large, but generally speaking someone will be there.

The group meets at 7:00 AM near the restrooms and ticket office. Here is a map to help you find the group. The start time will vary with the season (earlier in summer, later in winter), so check here for the latest information.

There are several runners at various speeds. In fact, walkers are welcome as well.

Typical distance covered is 3-5 miles, depending on the person.  Occasionally someone in the group is training for a marathon or half-marathon and will be going longer.

The group meets for refreshments and fellowship at Starbucks around the corner afterward.  Bring an extra towel, shirt/shorts and some cash, or just bring a drink with you if you're not a Starbucks fan.

Sunday Morning Group Run:

Currenlty, there is not an organized group run on Sundays. If youíre interested in forming one, e-mail

Places to run:

Auburn University at Montgomery.  Currently, AUM has two different running paths. The first is a paved loop that covers 2 miles and circles around the north acreage of the campus.  The next is the AUM Fitness running trail that goes through the wooded area on the west side of campus.  Both are free and open to the public.   Please be mindful of AUM Parking regulations.

Lagoon Park. The City of Montgomery has partnered with several local business and is in the process of developing a running / biking trail through the woods around the golf course at Lagoon Park.  It is still under development but some parts are accessable and useable. The best area to access it is from the Lagoon Industrial Park side.  It is free and open to the public.

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